With cybercrime a growing concern for us all, I coach self-employed small business owners on proactive business security.
Penny Gamble
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Do you find business security difficult?

Fear of cybercrime can make us so anxious we avoid taking preventative action.

With the right guidance you can secure your business and be safer from digital threats.

Digital security programme for self-employed small business owners.

Many people find digital security overwhelming and, as a result, put off what they need to do. I’m here to offer the necessary support with a no-faff walk-through plan to tighten up the digital side of your business.

When cybercriminals enter your digital world, it can feel like a tornado has torn through. It can leave you feeling utterly helpless and not in control. However, there are steps you can take before this happens, which will either prevent, minimise or help you manage the situation when it occurs.

I designed this digital security programme for self-employed business owners like you. It is jargon-free and time efficient; the goal is to get the job done.

Programme details
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How to do digital security in your small business

Cybercriminals are running amuck...

and are largely unhindered.
We can prevent this by strengthening our security and growing awareness of how cybercriminals work, how they enter businesses, and what they do.
> Understand your risks
> Secure your business
> Be prepared
> Know how to react

7 things to do before a cyber attack

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